The Political Gut

Learn About Healthy Eating And How Food Is Being Used Against You

Get clean to eliminate the voices in your head and improve your quality of life

“Control food and you control people.” – Henry Kissenger – Toxic foods and deceptive messaging are creating toxic humans. Brett Casper says, “Our food and political systems are threatening our very existence. Humans are being manipulated daily, to act and consume against their own best interests. Many people don’t realize, or refuse to accept, how much they are under the control of politicians, advertising, processed foods and corporations. I aim to educate readers and show them it is possible to take back control of their decision making processes, and eliminate the toxic voices inside their head.”

What we ingest affects our microbiome, which in turn affects our personal energy signature, personal genome through epigenetic expression, and alters our decision making processes where illness, altered mind states, craven and addicted decisions affect our individual and collective behaviors and life outcomes.

These decisions form a toxic state of existence, in turn creating a toxic society. Where illness, altered mind states, craven and addicted decisions, create poor habits and sever the ability to think and act rationally, reducing quality of life. Food is political because financially entrenched architectures are using additives, messaging and subsidies that keep us down, so we need something to pick us up, to escape. Creating a needy and addicted populace.

The Political Gut: Quantum Nutrients, Two Brains, Upside-Down Diets, combines manifesto and memoir as it follows Casper’s journey from a young Calvin Klein model to founder of wellness brand Pure Luck®, recognized globally as a “pioneer” in the kombucha space and by Food and Wine Magazine as “Top 5 Best” kombucha brands in the USA. A journey that set off a chain of events in which he realized that toxic foods are creating toxic humans. Brett Casper outlines how he took control of his body and then regained control of his mind by sharing reading recommendations, meditations tips, action steps for changing what you eat, and a viable solution for ensuring basic human rights.

The first step to change the world is to change the way you live.

“A cross between Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr, Joe Dispenza and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell with a dash of Gut: The Inside Story Of Our Bodies Most Under Rated Organ by Giulia Enders“