The Political Gut

Quantum Nutrients, Two Brains, Upside Down Diets

“Control food and you control people.” – Henry Kissenger

Change your diet to eliminate the voices in your head and improve your quality of life

“A deftly written tour of food science that offers plenty to think about” – Martin Cohen, Author

With humor, wit and passion, fermentation star and food expert Brett Casper, tells the story of the American gut. Rich with information that will help you make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle. Answering questions you didn’t know you needed to ask, like: Does food alter our genes? Wait, my fish might be contaminated with prescription drugs? What are biosolids anyway? How can physiology shape political views? What even is true objectivity? Is it really possible to eliminate the voices in my head? Yes, it is.

With advances in science, the food system became rigged as an arm of the political system. Our microflora has been hacked, antibiotics kill the good bacteria, and the bad bacterias take over, blocking clearheadedness and objectivity. Everyday we may not realize it but we are making life altering decisions. In turn affecting our quality of life and energetic output. If you feel tired all the time, now you’ll see why. The Political Gut combines manifesto and memoir while taking us on a journey of provocative discovery. Offering clear cut ways to regain your true self through your diet and health.

Brett Casper is the founder of wellness brand Pure Luck®, recognized internationally as a “pioneer” in the kombucha space. NY Magazine recognized him in 2012 for opening New City’s first “Kombucha Café” and Food and Wine Magazine rated his Pure Kombucha™ as “Top 5 Best” kombuchas in the USA. Seen below with the founders of Fresh® celebrating their long term partnership marketing Fresh® Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment.