The Political Gut

Quantum Nutrients, Two Brains, Upside Down Diets

“Control food and you control people.” – Henry Kissenger

Change your diet to eliminate the voices in your head and improve your quality of life

“A deftly written tour of food science that offers plenty to think about” – Martin Cohen, Author

With humor, wit and passion, fermentation star and food expert Brett Casper, tells the story of the American gut. Rich with information that will help you make informed decisions about your diet, lifestyle and gut health.

Casper embarks on a compelling exploration of the intersection between food science, politics, and gut health. Drawing on his own transformative journey from a creator of advertising campaigns to the founder of Pure Luck®, a globally recognized wellness brand, Casper exposes the insidious ways in which processed foods and deceptive messaging are creating a society of manipulated and unhealthy individuals lacking clear-headedness and objectivity.

Through a rich tapestry of personal anecdotes, scientific studies, and insightful commentary, he connects a myriad of topics from chemical additives and human psychology to economics/ capitalism and the quantum mechanics of it all. Casper’s narrative illuminates the complex interplay between food, gut health, our thoughts, messaging, and their collective impact on our decision-making processes, quality of life, and even our perceptions of reality itself.

This book is a clarion call to reclaim control over our bodies, political system and minds, offering practical strategies to cut out chemical laden processed foods, resist corporate and political manipulation, and fundamentally change our lives. It is a powerful testament to the belief that the first step to changing the world is changing the way we live.

Brett Casper and partner Tibb Phungtham in Vogue with the founders of Fresh® celebrating their long term partnership marketing Fresh® Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment.

Brett Casper and partner Tibb Phungtham, Vogue with founders Lev Glazman, Alina Roytberg, marketing Fresh® Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment.