‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills

There are more than a dozen “Don’t Say Gay” bills being introduced in states right now in America. These bills are “barring public school teachers from holding classroom instruction about sexual orientation or gender identity.” I find it odd that no one has informed these legislatures (or the media) about Ray Blanchard and Anthony Bogaert’s study.

According to the National Institute for Health (NIH). These gentlemen have “demonstrated that the probability of a boy growing up to be gay increases for each older brother born to the same mother, the so-called fraternal birth order (FBO) effect. Their first investigation indicated that each older brother increased the probability of being gay by about 33%.”

It would seem to me that this is natures way of mitigating over population. Teachers should be actively discussing this information. These new bills will make certain that does not happen. It reeks of politicians using the situation to get more political miles. Instead of using knowledge they rather politicize the LGBTQ+ community by invoking “wokeness” and culture war chants. It’s not only a statistical fact that men with more brothers have a higher chance of being born gay.

Chemicals In Our Water Are Causing Sex Changes In Animals

It is also highly likely that chemicals in our environment are also affecting the sex of our species. Instead of looking at the hard facts and evidence. Right wing politicians prefer to throw red meat to their “voting base.” This entire idea is absurd.

Instead of educating, and understanding, these politicians rather ostracize, and create an angry mob. “The institutionalization of these bills is an overt form of structural transphobia and homophobia, and it goes against all public health evidence in creating a safe and supportive environment for transgender, nonbinary, queer, gay and lesbian youths and teachers to thrive,” Arjee Restar, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Washington, told NPR.

Chemicals Disrupt Hormone And Endocrine Production Causing ‘Gay’ Fish

In The Political Gut I address the chemical issue. Chemicals in our environment are disrupting hormone and endocrine production in the human body. This is not speculation. These are hard truths. We can see the hormones affected in species living within contaminated waterways. Scientists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey undertook studies in 19 national wildlife areas in the Northeast United States. They found that 60-100% of male smallmouth bass are intersex.

In Vermont, at the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge—which happens to be one of the most productive and pristine wetland ecosystems in the Northeast—about 85% of male smallmouth bass are intersex. In this case meaning they are growing female egg sacs in their testes. Feminized male fish have been found in 37 species all over the world.

This is also prevalent in frogs who are turning from males into females, something not known to happen naturally in amphibians. The culprit is a pesticide known as atrazine, affecting testosterone production. Even when you go fishing in the most pristine wetlands and think you are catching a clean ‘natural’ fish. If you eat it, you are consuming atrazine. This is the new “natural” world we live in.

Polling Reveals People Identifying As LGBTQ Is Rising

In a Gallup Poll 15.9% of Gen Z (those born in the late 1990s to early 2000s) identified as LGBTQ. This information made me stop and think. All over the Earth there are strong anti LGBTQ stances taking place. From citizens, organizations and religious groups to governments. Do any of these anti LGBTQ people stop to question why or how this is happening?

Aside from the FBO effect. It’s very possible, the increase in people identifying as LGBTQ his happening due to the thousands of hormone and endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment. Which, humans are consuming from birth. Don’t take this out of context, I support the LGBTQ community. My point is, does anyone even consider that maybe the environment we live in could be a cause of this increase? If fish and frogs are changing sex due to contaminated water, you can’t deny the possibility. 

We’re Supposed To Be An Educated Country!

Thinking and troubleshooting our problems seems to be a far off concept for politicians these days. I am concerned humans can’t, and don’t think anymore. It’s easier to blame and use the LGBTQ community as a cudgel to divide and tribalize; caught up in the culture wars! It’s a consistent theme, blame someone else instead of looking at the facts.

We are living in a no-facts-allowed period of politics. I think a major reason no one is thinking straight is because there are so many chemicals in our food, water, air and the environment. Where our ability to have an honest, thoughtful conversation has been obscured by lies, anger and vilification. In my opinion being objective and thoughtful requires mediation and a clean, healthy diet.

I quote many studies in my book that prove diet effects mood and personality. Sugar, alcohol, probiotics and basic vitamin intake all have a significant effect on mood and cognitive ability. What if keeping people from thinking before acting is the whole point?