Supreme Court’s Strains Intensify as Term’s End Approaches

More about the upside-down world directly from the mouth of Supreme Court justices. It appears even the justices have contracted upside-down syndrome.

From the WSJ

“High court tensions already are evident in some cases that the justices have decided. In a 6-3 opinion in May involving a South Carolina congressional seat, Alito scaled back minority voters’ ability to challenge political districts racial gerrymanders, laying out a doctrine requiring federal courts to presume the good faith of state legislatures that draw the maps.

In dissent, Justice Elena Kagan accused Alito of turning a 2017 precedent she wrote “upside-down”—by treating the dissent he wrote to her opinion seven years ago on the standard fro assessing racial gerrymandering appeals as the biding rule today. “The majority ignores it—no, worse, does the opposite of what the standard commands,” Kagan wrote.

Perhaps is was a coincidence, but Kagan’s phrasing follows a New York Times report on the upside-down flag flown at Alito’s Alexandria, Va home in January 2021, like some flags carried by the pro-Trump mob that attacked the Capitol days earlier.”