The Microbiome And Your Body’s Relationship With It

There is a microbiome story line running parallel to our human lives. One of living relationships, nature, understanding, connectedness, and codependency.  It’s very possible that what we cannot see is of more importance, and influence on us, than that which can be seen.

Are We An Avatar?

What if we consider the idea that the human body is an avatar? Because we are avatars in more ways than one. Humans could be said to be an avatar for the soul or energetic unconsciousness. Or, in this life, humans could simply be players in a game for an advanced alien species. Humans could even be avatars for microscopic aliens. No one really knows why we are here.

Humans are literally walking, talking biofilms. Another word used to describe a biofilm is SCOBY, which stands for a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacterias and Yeasts. This term is used in kombucha brewing. The SCOBY is what grows on top of the fermenting tea. Protecting it from invaders and contamination. The SCOBY is a hotel of sorts. This term could also be used loosely to describe the human body.

We Are More Invisible Organisms Than Visible Ones

Some scientists have concluded that the human body is made up of more microbiota (57%) than cellular structure (43%) with the greatest concentration of microbiota in the bowel. “They are essential to your health,” says Professor Ruth Ley, the director of the department of microbiome science at the Max Planck Institute. “Your body isn’t just you.”

Not only that, the genes of these microbiota could outnumber our human DNA by as much as 1000:1—this means we have to consider that we are more than simply “our” human DNA. Professor Rob Knight, from the University of California San Diego, has done some experiments on mice. These mice were born into a world completely free of microbes. What he found is incredible. He says: “We were able to show that if you take lean and obese humans and take their feces and transplant the bacteria into mice you can make the mouse thinner or fatter depending on whose microbiome it got.” Could you imagine the diet pills?!

Our Microbiome Is Kinda Like A Pet

We don’t know what we don’t know. It might behoove us to treat our bodies with the utmost respect, love, and attention. Because it may very well be that our very lives depend on the wellness of our microbiome and the relationships we have with our microbiota.

Our personal wellness is a function of the quality of our relationships. Not only with our friends, family, and peers, but also with the unseen world. The quality of our relationships is a function of the quality of our wellness…and so it goes. It’s a microcosm of the macrocosm. Whether we like it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not. Our lives are dependent on our relationship with bacteria, yeasts, fungi and archaea living on and inside of our bodies. The best thing we can do it try to nurture them like pets. At least the good ones!