What If Gut Health Affects Quantum Mechanics?

The Invisible Microbiome Working For Us

Microorganisms form a very important role in the food chain and decomposition. In the soil they make nutrients available for plants. Inside the human gut they do the same, making nutrients bioavailable for humans. These microbes are essential for life on this planet and proper gut health in humans. If they were to die out, so would humans.

In the last decade, scientists have only begun to learn how different bacterial compositions are within our gut. And how these compositions change the function of our brain, health and bodies, by altering our perception, mood, well-being, genes, and cognitive abilities. This is amazing breakthrough science of which we have only just scratched the surface.

Why are yeasts, fungi and bacterias so different in every city, town, and home worldwide? Why are there so many different species of yeasts, fungi, archaea, and bacteria living in our bodies and everywhere around us? Where do these microorganisms come from anyway? Scientists have a theory. About three billion years or so ago they may have formed in the seas or maybe they rained down from the skies. However, these same scientists admit that no one truly knows where bacteria came from. It is very important to absorb this concept about our knowledge.

Do We Really Know Anything?

Contrary to contemporary egocentric beliefs, humans in this physical form are quite insignificant. Ultimately, we really have no idea how we came to be. Sure there is the theory of evolution. It is a valid theory. But one has to accept there could be many other theories as well. Did aliens come to Earth and splice monkeys with their DNA? Is this all just a holographic simulation? What if all the evidence we find, buried in the Earth, was planted there for us to find? Maybe everything we think we know is a total set up and manipulation. 

Philosophy Meets Science

French philosopher Alain Badiou argues that truth is a witnessed event. Constructed through process. The process being, the witnessing of said event. By witnessing it and naming it into worldly situations we write it’s “truth.” He argues that ontology is situational. Meaning that every persons existence is based on their situation. How each experience of an individuals situation is how they view the truth of the world.

Further, since we cannot account for, or know all situations. That which we know as truth, or in the case here, knowledge. Is only what we experience it as, an “event” or “situation.” Meaning the only truth we know is from what we are experiencing. Our experiences of life here and now. 

Regardless of what was “learned” or “experienced.” In my view, humanity mostly has no idea what is going on. Caught up in the minutia of the day to day. The knowledge we know, mostly comes without comparison. No matter what you think, study, learn or believe. We cannot put human existence in any context. There is no comparison.

Therefore, we cannot truly have an objective understanding of why or how we got here. Or what our existence is, in comparison to other intelligent life forms existences. Of course we can feel like it’s this or that reason. Humans can make up theories and study so called evidence. But we can’t even be sure if the physical world we live in even real. And many credible scientists seem to agree, it’s not real!

These same scientists theorize that, in fact, this world is not real, more of a simulation or hologram instead. Ultimately, we are just hurtling through space, counting what we call time, on what we believe to be a rock. A human named Earth. Living in what I like to call the “stone age” of an idea we express as “technological advancement.”

The Quantum Mechanics World View

Let’s get scientific. Quantum mechanics is a very fascinating field of study. The quantum model of physics states that the physical world is 99.99999% energy and .00001% matter, meaning atoms are mostly empty space and fields of energy. I, very briefly, majored in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston and absolutely love physics and chemistry. But was terrible at the math. Even though I never even came close to completing my studies at Northeastern University. I still do my best to keep up with the latest advancements in theoretical physics.

When I began to learn about quantum theory, it just blew my mind. The key to remember with quantum mechanics is that the electron of the atom does not appear in a position until you view it or “manifest the wavelength,” or “collapse the wave function.” A bit like what I think Alain Badiou means when we witness an event we record it as truth. Once witnessed, at that point the electron appears as a particle in position. This could be simply be interpreted that by thinking and viewing, we are creating. Quantum mechanics is the secret to manifesting humanity’s future selves and makes good sense of the theory that this life is actually a simulation.

If this is all a simulation what can we do about it?

You are probably wondering what does gut health and quantum mechanics have to do with each other. Here is how I see it. Quantum mechanics rules the world we live in. Energy is a very important aspect of this world. As I mention in later on in this book, there are scientific studies which show that by controlling our personal energy, humans are able to use that energetic focus to manipulate DNA strands simply with thoughts.

The Gut Brain Connection

Studies have shown that bacteria in our gut effect our mood, cognitive abilities, well-being and so on. This is why gut health is so important. If we accept that our world view is dictated by the microbiome living in our gut. We must also recognize that if our mood is dour and the cause is poor gut health, or poor diet, that affects the bodies ability to metabolize nutrients amongst a host of other side effects.

We all know that when we are grumpy from a sugar crash, hangover or because we are hungry that our energy signature and brain function isn’t the same as when we are operating at 100%. This in turn effects our ability to be our best selves and use our energy to manifest our reality. Remember with quantum mechanics it is all about manifesting the wavelength. Meaning that if we focus hard enough building a picture in our mind and our energy is congruent with the quantum field that surrounds everything. Then we can bring that idea into reality.

When our energy signature is not congruent this can leave us stuck or going in circles. Imagine your bodies is like a formula one race car and you keep putting cheap regal gasoline in the tank. This is how your gut health and the gut brain connection work together with energy to steer each individuals reality.

Gut Health Effects Decision Making

A big part of the system is decision making and the ripple effect. If you replay past events in your life. You will find jumping off points that lead you in one direction, or another. Most people probably don’t realize that every decision you make in your life has a ripple effect. For example, maybe there’s a great networking event. If your gut health is poor and you are afraid that you might have to run to the bathroom at this event and you don’t like public toilets, you may choose to skip the event all together. In turn missing an opportunity. This is one of the more obvious examples. But there are also many more subtle ways that gut health can effect your decision making process and you may not even know it. In the end you are the only one responsible for your decisions and your health. The best you can do to keep you energy congruent with the quantum field is to make sure that you have great gut health and maintain proper gut brain connection.