The Physics Of A Game Called Earth

On Earth we have what I like to call, the physics of a game called Earth. Gravity, Newtonian Physics and Relative Theory. They define the mechanics our world and universe.

The Golden Ratio

Our natural world on this planet follows a very predictable formula called the Golden Ratio. A major component of the physics of a game called Earth. Some examples: the shape of a nautilus or snail shell, a hurricane, a spiral galaxy, human faces, flowers and DNA molecules. They all grow and fit within this ratio. 

I find it compelling that there’s such an order in our natural world. It lends credence, in my opinion, to the theory that this is all just a simulation. Imagine a video game. When a developer designs a video game, all of the mechanics have to follow certain rules and set parameters. These defined “physics” make the outcomes predictable, allowing the characters to exist and interact within the game world with order and reliability. 

Which Came First, Order Or Chaos

In some ways I think that the order of our world is an argument that it is not real. In a true “natural” world one might surmise everything could be random, not orderly. I think that UFO sightings and NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) in some ways exemplify this idea.

Many eyewitness reports of UFO’s highlight how these objects never follow what we perceive as our predictable rules, or mechanics. UFO’s are outlier artifacts that come and go as they wish. Often explained away as “advanced technology”. I am not saying I know the answer, but I have to ask. What if it is simply that they, like the game developer, do not need to abide by the mechanics since they control the mechanics? 

Surviving Death And Living To Tell About It

NDE’s have a similar pattern. The majority of people who have died and come back from clinical death have conveyed similar patterns of experiences. In these experiences time, space and consciousness do not follow the same rules as we know them. It’s often a chaotic experience.

People who have experienced NDE’s, describe peeling away from their body and hovering over or around the scene. They are able to watch what is going on around their body. At the same time a person experiencing an NDE is able to perceive things happening, without leaving where they are, in a completely different locale. There is almost always a tunnel or white light that feels loving, comforting and warm. With absolutely no perception of time as we define it.

You Have More Work To Do!

People often describe the same things during the NDE experience. And they often end the same way. Someone tells them, “You have more work to do, it’s not your time” Followed by a pulling feeling, ending with them coming back to life. Yet, somehow they remember these experiences even though they are clinically brain dead. Millions of people have experienced these undeniable and interesting phenomena. Always the person comes back with a completely different view on this existence.

Are we all just players in a game called Earth? Bound by the physical mechanics defined by another intelligent life form? It is impossible to know. I explore these idea deeper in The Political Gut.